Who we are and what we can do for you

We are different from other marketing and communications agencies

Born as a traditional full-service, above-the-line advertising agency in 1999, The Salmon Agency has evolved into an ‘upstream’ strategic marketing and communications consultancy as represented by the individual skills and experience of Hugh Salmon

The first person plural ‘we’ is employed on this website because every one of our projects has involved, in one form or another, the joint contribution of at least one of a wide network of business partners, including other communications and marketing service agencies.

Our upstream approach focusses the consumer insights and innovative creative thinking one would expect from a top London agency directly to our clients’ overarching business model i.e. before the development of the marketing plan.

Implementation and delivery of our recommendations – from clients’ preferred suppliers or our own professional contacts – is briefed and sourced as and when required by agreed business objectives, increasing the effectiveness of the work and maximising financial efficiency.

Our upstream thinking applies to all aspects of the communications mix and transcends the plethora of media options available in today’s marketing environment, both online and offline.

Please bear in mind that much of our work is conducted on a discreet and confidential basis.

We work with incumbent agencies – and also for them – or introduce our clients to agencies that can help deliver, develop and implement our innovative business solutions.

We are happy to work on short term or interim projects as well as on retainer.

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