The Salmon Agency …

Spawned as an above-the-line advertising agency in 1999, The Salmon Agency has evolved into an ‘upstream’ strategic marketing consultancy as represented by the individual skills and experience of Hugh Salmon

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The first person plural is employed on this website because every one of our projects has involved, the joint contribution of at least one of a wide network of business partners.

The Salmon Agency’s unique approach applies the consumer insights and creativity one would expect from any top London agency directly to our clients’ balance sheet i.e. before the marketing plan. Delivery of our recommendations is defined and sourced by agreed business objectives, increasing the effectiveness of the work, controlling costs and maximising value.

Our upstream thinking transcends the plethora of media options available in today’s marketing environment, both online and offline including:

B2C marketing and strategic development.

B2B marketing and strategic development.

Business management and interim management.

Branding, brand design and brand management.

Direct marketing (including email marketing).

Website development, social media consultancy and development.

Pitch doctoring (re-pitching and ‘pre-pitching’ for clients and agencies).

Business plans and forecasts (especially ‘route to market’ development).

Book publishing (fiction and non-fiction).

Film production (including script writing and development).

Creative writing (including online content).

Public speaking (business, integrity in business, media, current affairs, politics, education, sport).

Charity marketing.

Mentoring, personnel training and development, careers advice, teaching English.

No business or social challenge is too great for The Salmon Agency … as long as it involves human beings and how they behave.




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