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Ideas for Britain


“Hugh Salmon’s observations are often thought-provoking – and frequently provoke much nodding from me.” (The Bookseller)

Hugh stood as independent parliamentary candidate in the 2010 General Election, a successful contribution to a campaign in Battersea for the decommissioned Bolingbroke Hospital to be converted into a new secondary school. His blogs on this campaign – ‘Why did I do it?’, ‘What was it like?’ and ‘Was it worth it? – are featured in ‘Ideas for Britain’.

For the duration of the next parliament, Hugh blogged on Huffington Post and a marketing website then called These two books are compilations of these blog posts.

Hugh’s overarching thesis was that the most innovative and effective solutions to the issues facing society today would be more likely to come from the UK’s internationally renowned creative industries than career politicians. The wrong people are in the wrong job!

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