I am Hugh Salmon and I am standing as your Independent MP for Battersea. 

I am not a 'career politician' but I have learnt that, in the five words 'Hugh Salmon for Battersea Party' in the banner above, I have already confused you in two ways.

First, even though I am 'Independent', the rules say it is better for me to form my own party than stand as an individual person. I don't know why this is so but it is. So when you see or read the 'Hugh Salmon for Battersea Party', really I just mean me.

Second, the 'Battersea' Constituency includes parts of Balham and Wandsworth. Again, I don't know why this is so but it is. There is a 'Map' tab above which will show you the boundaries of 'Battersea' as a constituency.

Hopefully, from now on, things will become clearer.

On this site, I will explain that I have lived in Battersea for nearly 20 years, two of my three children were born in St. George's Hospital and all three went to Primary School here. Also, I have managed  my own business in Battersea for 10 years, employing up to 15 people and providing work experience for local students, one of whom is my Party Treasurer. She's a star!

You will find out more details about me, what I believe in and what I am aiming to achieve as your MP. Most importantly, I am standing for the old Bolingbroke Hospital to be converted into an outstanding new Secondary School right on Wandsworth Common. I fully support the aims of the Battersea Neighbourhood Schools Campaign

As an Independent candidate, I will also explain the benefits of more Independent MPs. Although there are 122 'cross-benchers' in the House of Lords, there are only two Independent MPs in the House of Commons. When you look into it, which I have been doing for over a year, you will see that we should all be very 'cross' about this. The system has broken down. The party's over.

If you read through this site, or download my Manifesto on this page, then I hope you will find that I am a 'normal' person who has lived in the real world. As you will see, I can demonstrate that I am a person of integrity and that you can trust me.

My aim is convergence rather than divergence. I want to help us all live together, treat each other better and with more respect for each other. With a friend, I published this philosophy in a very simple little book called 'Do As You Would Be Done By'. You can download it for free here. This link takes you to Lovereading.co.uk, a business which was conceived and developed in Battersea, just up the road from Clapham Junction.

I hope you like it. I hope you agree with my philosophy. And I hope you vote for me in the General Election! 

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