The better you do, the worse it gets

Further to my last post where I showed how my boss was holding back the best interests of the company we were working for, there follows the human problem I have experienced of how to overcome this tricky situation.

You can find yourself placed in a ‘no win’ situation in terms of your own career.

You have two choices. You report the situation to someone even higher up the hierarchy, in which case your boss will feel betrayed – or you confront your boss yourself.

Either way you are, in the vernacular, stuffed. He or she will, at best, deny being the problem and, at worst, seek revenge.

In corporate life, this is not a good place to be. It means that however good a job you do, all credit will be whisked away. All of a sudden, any cock-ups by anyone else in the company will be your fault, even if you have been nowhere near the issue.

You are in a nightmare. And the nightmare becomes even worse when you find your boss is sleeping with the boss on top.

If you find yourself in this position, please do not get angry.

This will only make things worse.

Your only option is to leave.

Ideally, with dignity.

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